Tropical Styled Shoot by ryan redman

I love making new friend! One of the best places I make new friends is on Instagram. I was chatting with one of my new friends Jessica from Jessica J Events and she mentioned a opportunity to participate in a shoot she was putting together. I jumped all over it like hot grease on fried chicken.

Inspiration Images for the shoot I received from Jessica

Inspiration Images for the shoot I received from Jessica

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 9.37.03 PM.png

It was love at first sight for me, something different… I love a good challenge so i immediately contacted my Wholesale Rep from Potomac Floral Lucie! (She’s the best) and started ordering. I wanted to add color and I talked with Jessica and told her I wanted to add the 2019 Pantone color of the year into the mix.

I love to play with color and I always try to keep my eyes open for inspiration… While at Target I saw Grapefruit… then I thought Tropical… Lemons , Limes and Mandarins. That color combo just seemed awesome to me. Bright-Colorful- Citrus!

I had my color combo, I knew Monstera Leaves were going to be a huge part of the shoot so I def got some and some other combinations of different tropical’s that I knew would do the trick. This is what I came up with, enjoy!

Photography by Cat Granger Photography

Venue: @habitatseya

Wedding Planner: @jessicajevents 

Styling Assistant: @summercoevents 

HMUA: @brushedbeautyllc_

Rentals: @somethingvintage  and @fieldandgown 

Calligrapher: @kokomocreative

Cake: @bttrcrmbakeshop

Couple: @muir_models


I typically do most of the Christmas decorating at my parent’s house and my favorite thing to do is make the wreath. This year I took my niece with me to get some things at Hobby Lobby. We bought some ribbon, ornaments, pinecones and picks for the wreath. Then we headed back home and gathered some Christmas greens from Mom/Hyacinth’s backyard.

Cutting Hyacinth’s Christmas Greens


I love how it came out and so did Hyacinth! She has the best wreath on the block. We probably all together used 4 different types of greens… It took a lot. The ribbon took it over the top.

I'm gonna figure this our... by ryan redman

Ribbon… It’s so expensive, especially the kind I like to use. You know, the flashy kind that floats off bouquets, that looks amazing in photos. I was listening to a podcast a couple of weeks ago from Botanical Brouhaha I don’t miss a episode. Seriously, in my opinion one of the best podcast about the floral industry. You get insight into the journey of some of the best in the floral industry, who they are, where they came form, and a little bit of how their business operates. Great stuff for me to hear and really encouraging, knowing that it’s not all unicorns and fluffy bunnies. (This was not a paid advertisement, lol )

Anyways, someone they were interviewing basically was explaining how they started their own side business doing ribbon. Immediately a light bulb went off in my head. “I can make my own ribbon?” OMG … Why haven’t I tried that yet? If you don’t know, I’m a jack of all trades (sort of). I’m really good at figuring things out… If I’m motivated. So, I went on the hunt with google and found Dharma Trading and ordered some silk. I ordered 4 different types, each about two yards. Then I went on YouTube and searched “How to cut silk”, so you get that frayed edge. Quickly I learned that you just rip it, lol. Then I had to figure our how to dye it. I’m fancy, so of course I don’t want to use any old Ritt dye you can just go to the store and get… Noooooo, I want to plant dye them. So, I google that too. I just ended up landing on tea. Yup, tea so the following is my first try at dying with tea, I also added random colorful floral and colored leaves I could find.

I Basically boiled this for about 40 minutes till the water turned dark brown.,


It came out this really nice color, I was surprised!


I hung it to dry, for about one hour and it turned this really cool gold beige color


Final result, I’m really happy how it came out


Encourage Yourself! by ryan redman

Every week for my weekly installation I drive about two and a half hours round trip form Leesburg Va, to Silver Springs MD to visit Potomac Floral Wholesale to purchase my weekly flowers for Selma Plantation. I’ve been doing the floral there for about almost a year now. I love that house and the wonderful family that allows me to flower their beautiful home. My trip this week was a little bit longer because I was traveling back from my parents home in Easton, PA. It took about Three and a half hours to get there, not to mention the other hour and 15 minutes back to Leesburg.

I always get inspired going to Potomac, seriously it’s like my candy shop. I love the variety I can find there. It makes it so easy for me to find amazing, lovely, gorgeous flowers for Selma. This week tho, I don’t know if i was fatigued by the long trip but I got into the cooler and went blank… Some weeks its compeletly easy and I see one thing and I come up with a cool combination. This week I had to encourage myself. I know I’m not the only person that talks to myself but I laughed after it was all said and done (side note, I’m not crazy just goofy) I will now recount the conversation I had with myself in the cooler.

Ryan: What’s going on? I’m not getting inspired. I don’t like anything I see, the flowers are going to look like crap this week.

Encouraging Ryan: Calm down Ryan, you got this!

Ryan: Why are so you positive? I don’t need you to be so positive right now. We’ve gotta get going. Its been 10 min and I can’t figure this out. I need you to help me, help you, help me figure this out.

Encouraging Ryan: There is so much stuff here for you to use! Just put something in the cart and get going…

Ryan: *Rolls eyes* Whatever, lets just do this. I wanna go home and eat and relax. All this driving got me tired.

Encouraging Ryan: Just do what you know. You know how many stems you need and you know how to do this. Its going to be amazing, and they are going to love it. Trust yourself.

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader, I’m currently a flower army of one and I have no one to fall back on. It’s just Ryan, so if I drop the ball… there’s no one to blame but myself. Often, I have to fight the doubting voices in my head. I have to get myself together because after my pity party is done, there’s still a job to get done. I’m always surprised at the end result tho. Everything always looks awesome.

I had a really good conversation with my niece while I was visiting my family. She is beautiful, but because of the voices in her head she shrinks herself so that she isn’t notice. She’s a teenage girl… I don’t wanna get into all of it, cause my Lil Pumpkin gonna kill me for talking about it. I just told her what I use to do. I would stand in the mirror and encourage myself. I have former roommates who can testify to this. It would go something like this. “ You Sexy”. “Look at all that chocolate”. “You one good looking black man”. “Your awesome and they are all going to figure it out eventually”. I make myself laugh a-lot. I hope this made you laugh too. Don’t forget to encourage yourself.

The combination I came up wit

Fall Goodness by ryan redman

I've always thought, just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do it. When it comes to creativity, rules are meant to be broken. Don't allow yourself to become trapped by the creative opinions of others or even yourself. My Mom always likes me to come home and make her something for her table. I made a trip to hobby lobby to gather what i would need. Then I made a trip to the back yard and foraged what i could. I’ve become really good at using whatever i can find, I’m really pleased at how this came out.

If you’re going to break the rules, It's good to actually know the rules that you’re breaking. A fantastic foundation is always a good place to start. Be intentional, Be resourceful and more importantly Be yourself.

Taste... Find Yours! by ryan redman

I’m really big into taste... it’s important! What’s also important is who sets the bar. I’m not talking about food in case you’re confused. As a artist (yes I consider myself one) I’ve become very good at copying. I would often devour images of beautifully positioned arrangement sculpted to tickled all our senses. Copying for me was a very useful skill, I’ve freelanced a lot with other designers (A brother gotta pay them bills) but in the midst of all that somewhere along the way I’ve found my own personal style. It was always there, I just needed to develop it. What’s important for any artist I believe is a signature. Something that sets them apart and makes their work identifiable. I say all this to say. Not everyone is going to like what you do, if you do it with excellence and passion and it speaks to your heart and gives you all the feels. Then, you’ve got something. The only one who should be setting any bar or expectations should be yourself. Trust yourself and find what makes you stand out. I don’t know who needs to hear this but once in a while I get the urge to share 😄.

One for The arrangements from The Selma Mansion in Leesburg VA. This is a funny one, literally It took 5 minutes to put this together and it was one of the most liked image I’ve ever posted on my social Media. I typically take my time and curate everything I create. Not with this one, I grabbed whatever I could find and put it together in my hands and stuck it in the vase. I guess you can call it instinctual designing.

One for The arrangements from The Selma Mansion in Leesburg VA. This is a funny one, literally It took 5 minutes to put this together and it was one of the most liked image I’ve ever posted on my social Media. I typically take my time and curate everything I create. Not with this one, I grabbed whatever I could find and put it together in my hands and stuck it in the vase. I guess you can call it instinctual designing.