Thanksgivings At Hyacinth / by ryan redman

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving! Every major holiday I try to do something nice for my Mom’s Table (a.k.a Hyacinth from “Keeping Up Appearances”… My mother is a fancy lady ;) ) She loves to have the house full of people. This year I’m super excited because I have family from out of the country coming. My Cousin Nichole from Trinidad, whom I haven’t seen in about 25 years and her 3 kids Savanah, Angel and AJ, and my other cousin Ginelle from Canada, I haven’t seen her in about 17 years and her two kids Cohen and Chole. I love kids. Kids and animals have this weird thing with me… They always seem to like me... It’s because I’m chubby. Except for this one child in Memphis, lets call him Voldemort. Anyway, I wanted to keep the colors in the shades of fall but really warm and I had a couple of yards of fabric I wanted to use as a runner that I got from Joanns. The fabric was the base of my inspiration for the entire look.

The Color Scheme

Burned Mustard, Ox Blood, Sage Green and Chocolate

I’m really happy with the results, I love my runner and the flowers, as one of my best friends Lara would say are perfection! Hearts, Crem dela crem, Chocolate Cosmos, Ranunculus, Double Red Tulips, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, bunny tails and some foliage from the back yard. The rest of the decor are all Hyacinth’s. She loves it!