Encourage Yourself! / by ryan redman

Every week for my weekly installation I drive about two and a half hours round trip form Leesburg Va, to Silver Springs MD to visit Potomac Floral Wholesale to purchase my weekly flowers for Selma Plantation. I’ve been doing the floral there for about almost a year now. I love that house and the wonderful family that allows me to flower their beautiful home. My trip this week was a little bit longer because I was traveling back from my parents home in Easton, PA. It took about Three and a half hours to get there, not to mention the other hour and 15 minutes back to Leesburg.

I always get inspired going to Potomac, seriously it’s like my candy shop. I love the variety I can find there. It makes it so easy for me to find amazing, lovely, gorgeous flowers for Selma. This week tho, I don’t know if i was fatigued by the long trip but I got into the cooler and went blank… Some weeks its compeletly easy and I see one thing and I come up with a cool combination. This week I had to encourage myself. I know I’m not the only person that talks to myself but I laughed after it was all said and done (side note, I’m not crazy just goofy) I will now recount the conversation I had with myself in the cooler.

Ryan: What’s going on? I’m not getting inspired. I don’t like anything I see, the flowers are going to look like crap this week.

Encouraging Ryan: Calm down Ryan, you got this!

Ryan: Why are so you positive? I don’t need you to be so positive right now. We’ve gotta get going. Its been 10 min and I can’t figure this out. I need you to help me, help you, help me figure this out.

Encouraging Ryan: There is so much stuff here for you to use! Just put something in the cart and get going…

Ryan: *Rolls eyes* Whatever, lets just do this. I wanna go home and eat and relax. All this driving got me tired.

Encouraging Ryan: Just do what you know. You know how many stems you need and you know how to do this. Its going to be amazing, and they are going to love it. Trust yourself.

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader, I’m currently a flower army of one and I have no one to fall back on. It’s just Ryan, so if I drop the ball… there’s no one to blame but myself. Often, I have to fight the doubting voices in my head. I have to get myself together because after my pity party is done, there’s still a job to get done. I’m always surprised at the end result tho. Everything always looks awesome.

I had a really good conversation with my niece while I was visiting my family. She is beautiful, but because of the voices in her head she shrinks herself so that she isn’t notice. She’s a teenage girl… I don’t wanna get into all of it, cause my Lil Pumpkin gonna kill me for talking about it. I just told her what I use to do. I would stand in the mirror and encourage myself. I have former roommates who can testify to this. It would go something like this. “ You Sexy”. “Look at all that chocolate”. “You one good looking black man”. “Your awesome and they are all going to figure it out eventually”. I make myself laugh a-lot. I hope this made you laugh too. Don’t forget to encourage yourself.

The combination I came up wit