silk ribbon

I'm gonna figure this our... by ryan redman

Ribbon… It’s so expensive, especially the kind I like to use. You know, the flashy kind that floats off bouquets, that looks amazing in photos. I was listening to a podcast a couple of weeks ago from Botanical Brouhaha I don’t miss a episode. Seriously, in my opinion one of the best podcast about the floral industry. You get insight into the journey of some of the best in the floral industry, who they are, where they came form, and a little bit of how their business operates. Great stuff for me to hear and really encouraging, knowing that it’s not all unicorns and fluffy bunnies. (This was not a paid advertisement, lol )

Anyways, someone they were interviewing basically was explaining how they started their own side business doing ribbon. Immediately a light bulb went off in my head. “I can make my own ribbon?” OMG … Why haven’t I tried that yet? If you don’t know, I’m a jack of all trades (sort of). I’m really good at figuring things out… If I’m motivated. So, I went on the hunt with google and found Dharma Trading and ordered some silk. I ordered 4 different types, each about two yards. Then I went on YouTube and searched “How to cut silk”, so you get that frayed edge. Quickly I learned that you just rip it, lol. Then I had to figure our how to dye it. I’m fancy, so of course I don’t want to use any old Ritt dye you can just go to the store and get… Noooooo, I want to plant dye them. So, I google that too. I just ended up landing on tea. Yup, tea so the following is my first try at dying with tea, I also added random colorful floral and colored leaves I could find.

I Basically boiled this for about 40 minutes till the water turned dark brown.,


It came out this really nice color, I was surprised!


I hung it to dry, for about one hour and it turned this really cool gold beige color


Final result, I’m really happy how it came out